Why Would You Want To Use Solar Energy?

As gas and electric prices soar, solar energy becomes more and more interesting as a source of power. One way for you to finally cut costs is to put solar panels in your home, or, if you can’t afford to do that, get smaller solar panels for around the house. Here are some compelling reasons for you to use solar energy.

You pay less money. That is the biggest bottom line with solar energy. You may have heard that it costs a lot for you to install solar panels, and it does, but the truth is that after that, you don’t have to pay anything anymore. To see how much of a difference this would make in your life, calculate how much money you paid the electric company last year. Then multiply that by 5 years, then multiply it by 10 years. That is how much money you will save when you no longer have to pay the electric company for your power.

Tip: Contact your local utility company to see if purchasing energy from renewable sources is an option for you. Buying green energy directly from a power company is one of the easiest ways to go green with your energy use, without having to invest in any major alterations to your home.

Not only can you save money, you can also make money. You can sell the electric company your excess power. Solar panels store excess energy in the case of storms and other inclement weather. You can sell this energy back to your old electric company. Perhaps you can make back all the money you paid them over the years!

You can live anywhere and get solar energy, even during storms and power outages. As mentioned, solar panels store energy, so even when your neighbors’ electricity has gone out, yours will still be on and working. That can be a big relief since electricity can fail at the drop of a hat. You can also get power if you live in a desolate area. Even where power cables don’t go, the sun does. You can always have sunlight and power.

Tip: Use the power of the sun to help you heat your home. By installing large windows or glass patio doors on the south side of your home, you can catch the morning sun.

Sunlight is natural and doesn’t harm you or the environment. There are no chemical byproducts, no harmful toxins and no injuries at the plant. Sunlight is peaceful, clean, and renewable. The sun will not go out of business, be bought out, or raise its prices. The sun will not threaten you with disconnection notices if you cannot pay your bill. And of course, there is no bill!

You even have the option of building your own solar panels. It is not necessarily suggested for the novice builder, but if you know what you are doing, you can drive down your costs even more and simply pay for materials so that you can use the power of the sun to power whatever you wish.

Lastly solar power is something you can be proud of. This is something you can share with your family and friends. And when they see how well it’s working for you, they can think about getting it for their own homes.

Now that you’ve read this article, you have some really great reasons to use solar energy. Energy is costing more and more money as time goes on, and it’s important for you to get serious about whether you want to keep paying more and more, or whether you want to finally stop paying at all. Think of how you can help the planet and save yourself some money by using solar energy.

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Reasons To Want Solar Energy

With all the ways that energy prices are going up these days, you might be thinking that there has to be a better way. Well, there is. Solar energy is clean energy that doesn’t damage anything or harm anyone, and it is available for free for our entire lifetimes. If you aren’t convinced that you should consider powering your home with solar power, keep reading to find some strong reasons to do it.

1. The first reason solar energy is a good idea for you is that it is free after the initial installation. Most people are intimidated by the high cost of getting large solar panels, but the truth is that it is a one time cost that saves you money for years on your utility bills. You probably won’t deal with a lot of maintenance charges either. The panels are long-lasting. There are even programs from the government that give you incentives for solar panels. A rebate can cover up to a third of your total cost. Not only that, the technology is always getting better, which means the price will start to go down. Remember when a desktop computer cost over $1,000? That’s the same kind of thing we are dealing with in solar power. And if you want to start small, you can buy affordable panels that are small and power your alarm clock, for example.

Tip: More and more people are turning to energy saving light bulbs. These bulbs can decrease your utility bill by up to 11% every month.

2. Solar power is clean power. There are no fumes or chemicals that are released into any water supply. It does not cause anyone sickness, and has no carcinogens. It is safe for everyone, unlike most of the traditional energy sources. It even runs quietly without causing any kind of noise pollution. This is something you can feel good about. If you have heard the many stories about pollution and the environment, you can be proud of yourself for taking a step and using energy that works efficiently, but manages to leave a small carbon footprint and remains beneficial in every way.

3. The sun will always be there. The sun is always available to us. We can’t use it up. That is in stark contrast to fossil fuels, which are being depleted very quickly. In fact, even on stormy and rainy days, the solar panels can still power your home because of their ability to store energy. You don’t have to worry that the sun will go out of business or be bought by a bigger company.

Tip: Avoid using your clothes dryer whenever possible. Drying your clothes outside on a washing line is one of the simplest ways to save energy costs.

4. You can get your electric company to pay you! If you choose to, you can sell extra electricity to your utility company and they will offer you credits or straight out buy the energy from you. If you want to avoid the electric company altogether, you can do that too. You have a lot of choices once you start using solar energy, and it is your choice to determine which one of them is right for you.

After reading this article, you may have a different perspective on solar energy. Traditional energy costs are higher than ever, but you can be free from those companies when you choose solar power.

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