Should You Switch To Solar Energy?

If you want to help preserve the environment while saving on your energy bills, you should look into switching to solar energy. Read this article to find out more about solar energy, and make sure it is the best solution for you.

Solar panels will function properly if they get enough exposure to sun rays. If you live in an area where the sky is often overcast, you should look into another form of green energy. Since solar panels are such an important investment, you will be able to save money on the long term only if your panels produce enough energy for your household. Solar panels are a popular option in the South West of the U.S. because of the good exposure to the sun. If you are not sure how efficient solar panels would be on your property, have a professional inspect your property and look for ways to improve your exposure to the sun. One such way might be to cut back the trees that shade your roof.

Tip: Make sure your dishwasher, washing machine, and clothes dryer are full (but not overfilled) prior to using them. This saves a lot of water and detergent with each load of wash.

Keep in mind that purchasing some solar panels is a long term investment. The best way to finance your solar panels is to take a loan and make monthly payments that do not exceed what you would usually pay for your energy bills. After ten or fifteen years, your loan will be paid off and you will have access to free electricity. You can also finance your panels by joining one of the programs offered by your energy provider. Most energy providers purchase the power you do not need at an interesting rate. You could either sell all the power your panels produce to pay them off quickly or sell just enough power to make minimum payments. Joining one of these programs will also allow you to draw power from the main grid at night or when your panels are not working, which is a better option than relying on a battery to store the energy produced by your panels. The batteries available on the market tend to lose a lot of the electricity stored if it is not used immediately. You should stay up to date with innovations and wait until better batteries are available.

You do not have to purchase enough solar panels to produce enough energy for your household. You could also get a couple of solar panels to run a smaller system. You can easily find solar-powered outside lights, water heaters, water pumps and even generators and battery chargers. These smaller systems are more affordable. You should start saving money within the next five years. Contact different local vendors to find out more about the products they sell and consider getting a customized system built if you want to power one of your appliances thanks to solar energy.

Now that you know more about solar energy, you should get in touch with local solar panel vendors to compare products and prices. If you cannot afford a solar energy system right now, wait a few years to see if solar panels become more affordable.

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Inexpensive Solar Powered Products For The Home

If you are interested in using solar electricity at your home, but you are afraid that it will be too expensive, it is important to realize that there are several options available to you. Not all of these will break the bank, and many will remain inside a predetermined budget that you set for yourself. Read on for more information about how to inexpensively light up both the inside and outside of your house. Thinking small can help you reduce your electricity bill and help out the environment at the same time.

First, consider solar tubes. These ingenious little devices are a great option if you are looking to brighten up a smaller area, such as a bathroom. They won’t cost you a lot, either; the cheapest options run a little more than a hundred dollars while the most expensive ones will still be under a thousand. If you want to utilize this option, the space you are considering putting it in has to receive direct sunlight for a good portion of the day. You can put it in yourself, although having a professional do it may be easier for some people who are not very handy around the house. Once installed, the solar tube appears to be simple a normal light fixture to anyone who is not aware of what you had done.

Tip: A very easy and cheap way to save on your high energy bills is to try installing some low flow shower heads and faucets. Switching from the standard, 2.

Attic fans that are powered by the sun’s rays are also an option. These will cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to about 700 dollars. They help keep the attic area from getting too warm; depending on how big your attic is, you might have to buy two or more fans to have much of an effect. Much like the solar tubes, these will only work if the area of the roof where you are installing them receives a good deal of sunlight during the day.

If you want to brighten up an outdoor area, think about using solar lights. These can be placed in a garden or patio area or just used out front for security lighting. If you want to put them along a path, you will find that one light will run you about ten dollars. If you want to go all out and buy a post light, you won’t pay more than a hundred dollars to get one. This option is perfect for anyone who really wants to make a difference in their outdoor lighting but who isn’t keen on having an electrician come up and mess up their yard. Research the product before you buy it, however, to ensure that it will perform the function that you have in mind for it.

Solar energy doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make a big difference in the appearance of your home, and help out your electricity bill, by choosing to utilize one of the options above. Of course, purchasing solar panels for your roof is always an option, too, if you decide to go that route. Keep in mind, though, that it will cost you tens of thousands of dollars to do and will take quite a while to pay itself back. Start out with one of the simpler products above and then branch out from there!

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Solar Power Plus Insulation: A Winning Combination

There are benefits both in cost and in helping the environment for switching to a solar power system. Over the long term, solar energy will save you money and help reduce greenhouse gases. But an overall plan that reduces energy consumption can make solar an even bigger winner. Maximizing efficiency through insulation, thermal windows, new CFL light bulbs, and specially designed passive solar windows can greatly reduce the amount of energy you need to get from your solar panels. This is a win-win combination.

If you have a south-facing wall available, not shaded by trees, you can utilize passive solar windows that will use sun rays in winter to heat a room, but keep out rays in summer so the room is cooler. This is an investment that can reduce your energy use for both heating and cooling, and help the efficiency of solar panels. If installing high tech windows is too expensive for now, you can still reap similar benefits from south-facing windows with curtains open in winter but closed in summer.

Tip: Switch to low flow or dual flush toilets. These particular toilets only use 1.

You can easily find your monthly electricity consumption by looking over your past year’s bills from the electric company. They will show how many kilowatt hours you used each month. This is the amount your solar panels will need to provide in the future–unless you take conservation measures like those mentioned above. Replace old appliances with new Energy Star ones that use far less electric power. Replace old light bulbs with new Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs that use much less energy. Add insulation wherever possible. Close all leaks around doors and windows. These measures will reduce your energy consumption considerably and increase the likelihood that solar panels can provide all your energy needs and truly get you “off the grid.” And don’t forget the simplest energy saver of all: turn off lights and appliances when not in use.

Your hot water heater is a big user of electricity. A solar hot water heater can be installed separate from your photovoltaic panels. Solar water panels receive water piped into them, heat it through the sun’s rays, and return it to your hot water tank. Of all the individual steps, this is the biggest saver in electricity. Many people install a solar water heater even when they do not do whole house solar energy. There are many ways you can use solar partially. It can be used to heat a swimming pool. It can power a single appliance such as a refrigerator. If an entire conversion to solar power in your home is beyond your means or impractical, you can still benefit from solar energy in these smaller ways.

All these conservation measures will help make solar energy work efficiently for your home. This is especially helpful in a northern climate where you receive less sun energy in the winter. Conservation will reduce the amount of electricity you draw from the grid during the winter. It will keep your house warm and cozy even during the coldest weather.

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The Pluses Of Solar Panels On Your House

Solar panels will benefit your home in many ways. The most obvious is the dent it will put in your monthly power bill; however, the fact that you will be trimming your carbon footprint is also a plus. Depending on where you live, you might also be adding to the value of your home. Read on to find out some of the basics about solar energy.

Each solar panel contains a photovoltaic cell. When rays from the sun hit the cell, it converts the light into electrical power. Then, the solar panel arrays send the power through the circuitry into your electrical grid. You want to work with your contractor to ensure that they are placed optimally on your roof, so that they face the angle from which the most sun rays will come.

Tip: Consider hiring an energy consultant to do an evaluation of your home, prior to investing any time or money on green energy projects that may not be viable long term. A knowledgeable energy professional will be able to tell you which green technologies are most suitable to your home and the land it is on.

If you want to start out small with solar panels, it is possible to install a connection from a smaller array on your roof directly to your water heater if your water heater runs on electricity instead of gas. This would take one of the major sources of electrical expense out of your budget by hooking your hot water heater up to the sun. You are still going to want the rest of the grid to connect to the heater, though, just in case you have a bunch of cold, rainy days in a row. You don’t want to have to settle for a cold shower.

Solar panels have very little ability to store power. Once the cells convert the light into electricity, it heads into the grid if you are not using it in your house. The good news is that most solar panels do not produce energy to such an extent that both your house and the grid at large would be unable to use the flow. However, you can’t “store” power in your panels for use in the winter months.

Tip: If you are going to switch to green energy, you should invest in a generator. In case something goes wrong with your alternative energy solution, you will be able to rely on your generator until you can get your system fixed.

By connecting your solar panel array to the electrical grid, you are ensuring that your solar energy can make a difference, even if your system produces more power than your home needs. You will want to maintain your own home’s connection to the grid as well, so that if your solar array does not produce enough power for your needs, you will still have access to the utility’s power.

Not many people have studied what will happen when the solar panels in use today become obsolete and need to be thrown away. However, in the short term, solar energy can only help the environment. If you are using power from the sun, you are not using coal that will make the air dirty, and you are not using oil that will deplete our remaining fossil fuel stores. The sky is literally the limit with solar power!

Over time, going solar can save you a ton of money on your utility bills. Another benefit is that you can know that your solar panels are helping to save the environment for all of your descendants.

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Consider Solar Power When Building A Home

If you are planning to build a new home, you should consider the advantages of installing a solar energy system to power that home. There are long term cost advantages that are likely only to increase in the coming decades as fossil fuels become more expensive. There is also the reliability of solar energy, and the fact that it is virtually free. It is only the collection and distribution system that costs money. Add to this the satisfaction of contributing to saving the planet from global warming by not burning fossil fuels, and solar is an attractive choice.

When building a new home you can have your architect build in passive solar products to greatly decrease home heating costs. This means installing large windows on a south-facing wall. These windows are specially made to capture the sun’s heat in winter. Double or triple paned windows with gas inside are extremely efficient at keeping heat in. In summer, they are designed to keep sun rays out, keeping your home cooler. “How can they do this?” you may ask. Advanced design of the tilt of the window accomplishes this.

Also, as your new home is built, insulation can be maximized, thus also decreasing your heating and cooling costs. These measures are easier and more cost efficient when building a new home than when upgrading an older home.

Tip: Too often, the water heater allows water to reach a scalding temperature when trying to take a shower. Try turning the maximum heat on the water heater down by twenty degrees, and you will see a definite decrease in electricity costs.

Passive solar will not be enough to provide all your energy needs. You will need Photovoltaic solar panels to produce electricity to power your home, and a solar hot water system using panels that heat the water piped through them on the roof. Your architect can design your roof to maximize the effectiveness of solar panels.

Depending on how much hot water you use, you may need to augment the solar heating with some electric power.

Tip: Talk to your electricity provider and see if they offer an alternative that allows your home to use green energy. Several companies are now using wind or solar power for their electricity, and you can take advantage of this! Call your provider today to find out if you can switch to green energy.

Though the initial cost of installing solar energy systems is high, the long term savings on monthly energy bills is great. It is generally estimated that these savings will pay back the initial cost in 10 to 15 years. Since your system should be warrantied for 25 to 30 years, it is like getting energy free for the last half of your system’s lifetime. You can also benefit from state and federal tax credits given for installing solar energy systems. The current federal tax credit is for 30 per cent of your installation cost, and is good up until 2016.

Check to see if there is an FIT program available in your locality. FIT stands for “feed in tariff.” It means that you can sell surplus electricity to the local power company when your solar panels are producing more power than you need.

Tip: Buying a hybrid vehicle is a good way to save energy, but that all depends on what type of vehicle you purchase. It is always a much better choice to purchase a smaller hybrid vehicle than to purchase a large hybrid SUV.

The ecological benefits of solar power are well known. But consider also the environmental benefit within your home. Because there is no combustion involved in producing solar power, your home is free of toxic emissions, including carbon monoxide. Solar power is quiet. There is no noise of machinery running, as with a conventional furnace.

If you are planning to build a new home, follow these tips. They can help you attain a safe, reliable and cost efficient power system for decades to come.

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Saving Money On Your Bills With Solar Energy

While most people already know that solar energy is green energy, and green energy is good for the environment, others are just now finding out that there’s a lot of money to be saved by using green energy. If you were to switch to some solar methods, you could save thousands of dollars on energy costs over the long run.

If you have any type of outdoor lights or any waterworks in your yard, like a pool or pond filter, you don’t have to run these fixtures off of electricity. You can find solar powered options that will run 100% on sunlight, thus saving you a lot of money.

Tip: Turn off the kitchen, bathroom, and any other exhaust fans as soon as you no longer need them. Some people leave the fans on for 20 minutes or so, but it is better to leave them on for no longer than five minutes after showering, bathing, or cooking is finished.

Another great way to save some money on your electricity bill is to switch to a solar powered water heater. Most water heaters that run off of electricity create very large expenses over the course of their lives. It takes a lot of energy to heat water using electrical current. So switching to a solar heater is a wise choice.

If you wanted to become completely energy independent, you could always attach some solar cells to your roof. Of course, this is going to be a large investment up front, but you can easily make this money back over the course of a decade or so. Let’s say that you’re paying $200 every month for your electricity. Well, now you’re paying $0, so that’s a savings of $2,400 every year. The average solar cells cost over $20k (not including the rebates you’ll get back), so in a few years the system will pay for itself.

Tip: If you are struggling to maintain low energy costs in your home, you should try putting in a water-efficient flow control washer or shower rose that is Triple A-rated. Triple-A appliances are designed to decrease the amount of energy used in your home, which will ultimately lead to large savings.

So, how do you make money with solar cells? Well, first off, you won’t have to pay anything on your electricity bill. But the best part is that you can actually sell the excess power back to your utility provider. They will pay you for the power you provide. You might not get the same rate that they’d charge you, but you will earn some money by selling power to the grid.

You should always be sure to check that your local ordinance allows for solar panels or other green energy methods you’re looking into. Some neighborhoods might consider panels to be an eye sore, so check out your ordinance before installing anything.

Tip: Replace regular light bulb with Energy Star qualified bulbs. These bulbs last about ten times as long as a traditional incandescent bulb, and use approximately 75 percent less energy, saving you about $30 in energy costs during the lifetime of the bulb.

You should also check to ensure that you don’t need any type of government-specific permits to install your solar panels. Although you can receive grants and tax rebates, you might still need permits before you begin the installation process.

The types of tax credits you can receive by installing solar panels on your home all depends on where you live. You might be able to find both state and federal tax breaks, or you may only be dealing with federal incentives. Either way, you will definitely get something back for making the change to green solar energy.

Although it might be a rather large investment to pay all at once, there are many different incentives available to you for installing solar panels. Think about solar energy when you need to save money on your bills.

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Many people want to make their life more green, but do not know how to start. There are various solutions on how to help customers conserve the environment by using alternative, renewable energy. If you want to start using green energy, read the tips in this article.

Are you a farmer? Companies are actually looking for space to put wind turbines in, and a small part of your property can be used as one of those spots. You could take advantage of the energy offered and the space requirements are minimal.

Your furnace filters should be replaced annually, and inspected for monthly cleanings. It’s a good call to add filters to warm air registers. These filters keep debris or toys from entering the duct-work, which could reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system.

For the height of “greenness”, consider a home that is made out of straw bales. Straw is an excellent, inexpensive form of insulation. If this idea is not appealing to you, perhaps adding a straw bale building within your property could be of use.

During the summer time, you should consider drying your clothes using the sun as opposed to using the dryer. The sun can really make your clothes smell incredible. They will smell better than anything coming out of a dryer. You will also save money on utility bills by doing this.

You may want to install solar panels on the roof to create a more eco-friendly home. While you do make a large investment when you begin, the government offers grants to help you offset the costs, and you’ll make the money back in utility bill reduction or selling the extra energy you create back to the grid. Once you have the panels installed solar energy then becomes free, and with any excess power you gather you can potentially sell that to electric companies.

A really simple way to begin making your house energy-efficient is to get your electric company to help you. Many of the utility companies have added website tools that help you review your current energy usage and look for ways to reduce it. Check out the appliances and light bulbs that they recommend, as well as special programs to help you purchase them.

You can use biofuels as home heating fuels. This type of fuel is made of oils, wood and vegetable or animal fats. If your existing furnace runs on propane, it is quite easy for a professional to make the alterations required so it can perform as efficiently using a fuel blend. The blend you would use could be made up of 20%-99% biodiesel. If you decide that you want to use this type of fuel to heat your home, make sure that you talk to a professional first.

When you are sleeping, or not at home, set your thermostat to 60 degrees to save energy. Keeping your thermostat on a low temperature will allow you to lower your overall energy usage. You will decrease energy used and increase money saved.

Watch your watt usage. A gadget like Watt Minder or Kill-A-Watt will help you discover which appliances are your prime energy consumers. Gadgets can be set to give you the energy-usage amounts for hours, months or years. You can get a real idea of what your appliance is costing you and the environment.

Turn off the lights when you exit a room. It is amazing how the energy savings add up once you get into this habit. You also have the added benefit of saving money on your power bill.

As mentioned, green energy is widely talked about in politics, and is becoming more important as oil becomes more expensive. If you educate yourself it is much easier to be greener. By utilizing the information located above, you can begin living an environmentally friendly life today.

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